Jessie Chung – There You Are (Official Video) with Subtitles

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Jessie Chung is back with her latest studio album There You Are.
Mastered and produced in Australia, the breakthrough album fuses indie rock and modern sounds.

Autumn of 2016 sees Jessie Chung launching her debut English album There You Are, blurring the lines between indie rock, purist pop, and R&B-esque sounds. Each and every track on Jessie’s album is a glimmering gem hidden with stories drawn from her person experiences. Jessie enlists Australian producer Andy James Court (fresh off his success with Fireplace) to help complete the envisioning of her musical stories. With her typical princess flair but au courant persona, Jessie Chung spreads her wings on There You Are with a sweet, honeyed voice. Erected on a poignant power ballad, the song is elegantly embellished with warm, timeless instruments and consists of emotional buildups and a gorgeous, massive sing-along chorus. Despite Jessie’s girlish, tender vocal, her songs display versatility and maturity, and is sure to electrify any music generation alike.


Written & Produced by: Andy James Court (Australia)
Music Video directed by: Elijah Cavanagh, filmed and produced in Brisbane, Australia


Jessie Chung – There You Are

Verse 1

Sometimes I lose my breath

When I think of you

Now you’re gone

You built a place in my heart

That we will always call home

And belong



My heart collides with a memory

That somehow sounds like a song



Your memory it sings to me

Like a precious lullaby

Your love that soars on eagles’ wings

Is blessed and sanctified



‘Cause where there is love

There you are

Where there is hope

In the ever after

Where there’s a song

With you in my heart

There you are

Play your part

And live in me


Verse 2

Sometimes I see your face

In our last embrace

Now you’re gone

I recollect my tears

And the finest years

In a song