Jessie Chung There You Are Launching Show

After widespread enthusiastic response received by the There You Are Launching Show in Kuching, Jessie Chung didn’t wait and she immediately held the third launching show to see her fans at Sunway Pyramid.

Jessie Chung’s new fashion based on her rock album concept attracted swarms of fans to see her. The atrium was bursting at the seams even before the event started. When Jessie Chung appeared on stage with shimmering blonde hair spilling down her back and a glossy, molasses-colored leather jacket on her, a flame started up among her fans, and the whole crowd ignited in excitement in no time._9420461SA

Jessie Chung affectionately performed to the crowd There You Are, her newest English album’s lead single, putting them to a spell. This meaningful song is dedicated to the two most important men in her life, one is her late father and the other is her husband Joshua Beh.

After There You Are, she performed a number of her songs including Someplace Honest, Forever Young, and Drive My Heart. Utilizing all the energy within her, Jessie Chung sang and danced on stage, sweeping a wave of irresistible heat right through the crowd; Jessie’s stage charisma took over the crowd completely, she was unstoppable.

While she sang Drive My Heart, four well-built, good-looking dancers accompanied her, as she shouted to the crowd “YOU ARE THE BEST!” The crowd really had a blast! While everyone was boiling over with emotions, a little mishap occurred: A drunken middle-aged man attempted to go on stage to dance with Jessie, but luckily security personnel stopped him in time and asked him to leave. During the encore, Jessie Chung threw a bunch of love-shaped pillows to the crowd, causing several people to scramble forward to get a chance to catch the limited-edition gifts. The situation soon got out of control, and it was like feeding time at the zoo!