Jessie Chung Moonlight Stage Play Trailer – Now Showing

Jessie Chung raises funds for cancer patients, first four showings of Moonlight Stage Play full house, overwhelming positive response. The number of Moonlight performances continue to stack up, and the organizer has decided to tour both West and East Malaysia and reach Singapore. High demands have pushed the number of upcoming performances to fifteen.

Moonlight Stage Play is based on a true story and combines classic Chinese and English literary art works with Jessie’s views and experiences regarding love. Jessie Chung takes on the leading role in this drama as the main actress, while Marcus Choot, the lead actor of The Quatrain of Seven Steps, is the first lead actor, and Tylor Chen, the lead actor of Unchanging Love and an actor in Kungfu Taboo, acts as the second lead actor.

The actors and actresses on stage performed passionately, affecting the mood of the audience. Many of the audience even shed tears as they rode the ups and downs of the storyline. The aspects of love, hate, family, morality, and responsibility were all twisted into the plot, completely mesmerizing the audience, bringing them through every climax and resolution. The stage play also has realistic sound effects and LED background to enhance the realism.

Jessie’s fans have expressed their thoughts and feelings on Jessie’s official Facebook page, many said that they were moved to tears by the heartrending story. Many of the audience still couldn’t pull themselves out of the plotline, they were unable to regain control of their emotions. Many viewers had their eyes filled with tears, even more burst into tears in the last three scenes. Jessie Chung’s wholehearted, all-out performance received widespread acclaim.