Princess of Rock Jessie Chung Attracts Crowd of 2,000 at First 《Be Strong》World Tour Stop



Having nearly topped two international charts with two second place spots, Princess of Rock Jessie Chung strikes back with the release of her new English album Be Strong! With a series of shows already launched and completed in Malaysia, Jessie is now set to rock the whole world! Last Sunday, her first stop at Shah Alam attracted over 2,000 fans, cramming the Shah Alam Performing Arts Centre all the way to the ceiling!


As fans began to pour into the venue, many realized that there won’t be enough space, but squeezed in nevertheless, filling every available space. Although the organizer has already set up a huge LED screen outdoors so that fans who didn’t get inside could still view the concert live, fervent fans were still willing to be packed like sardines so they could see Princess of Rock Jessie Chung in person. Fans who couldn’t get in, despite still having the opportunity to watch outdoors, expressed their disappointment.


Then show opened with Jessie Chung stepping on stage with a candy red jacket as four blonde-haired dancers joined her to dance to the rhythm. For this world tour, Jessie has done quite a lot of work, especially in choreography. She spent a great deal of time honing her dance moves with her dancers, all in hope of giving her fans the greatest auditory and visual appeal possible. It’s apparent that Jessie isn’t someone who would give a lackluster performance.


At her launching show, Jessie performed ten songs in her albums Be Strong and There You Are, at times mesmerizing the crowd and other times bringing them to their feet. The excitement level of her fans brimmed to a boiling point when she sang her last two songs “I Don’t Care” and “Feel My Love” with an African American accent.


As Jessie Chung moved on to her lead single Be Strong, she told the crowd, “We may stumble and fall, but we cannot stay down. When faced with problems, we should overcome them instead of letting them overcome us. Everybody can Be Strong.” Jessie also expressed that she no longer cares whether people like her or not, she has decided that no matter how people treat her, she will continue to love them, because love is a decision. At the show approached the end, she yelled at the crowd, “Can you feel my love?” As the fans roared back in unison, Jessie completed the show with her hit song “Feel My Love”, an energizing anthem teeming with electro dance beats.


With the great response brought on by the first show, Jessie expresses with excitement, “I get stronger every time I sing, and I hope that friends who are in love with my songs can also be stronger and stronger.” Jessie will be flying to Dongguan for her second show on December 23rd, 2016.

At the end of the concert, Jessie also signed a deal with Janesce Skincare, an Australian corporation, as the official brand ambassador of its natural skincare product line.

The 《Be Strong》World Tour will be showing in Malaysia, Australia, New York, Canada, London, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. The Malaysian leg of her highly anticipated Be Strong World Tour is scheduled as follows: