MV Director Scares Jessie Chung to Tears Jessie Paralyses in the Freezing Rain


Jessie Chung, who is currently immersed within her hectic MV shooting schedule, came face to face with a life-threatening incident once again!

To film the MV for her single 【Someplace Honest】, Jessie Chung, her director, and other personnel rented a campervan to capture some scenes on the mountain. However, during the trip up the mountain, they approached a steep slope located on the edge of a cliff; the heavy campervan struggled to climb up, and the team got stuck halfway up the mountain.

Setbacks appeared, but the clock continues to tick, and the team couldn’t afford to lose another moment. Failure to arrive to the location before sunrise meant that they would lose the golden opportunity for an optimal shot. Knowing that, the director insisted to move forward, he had to get to the destination at all costs. As the campervan crept up the hill, it lost its balance and began to tilt towards the cliff. Luckily, some of the personnel were alert enough to get out and support the campervan, preventing a tragedy.

The close call literally scared Jessie to tears. “Everyone was shocked at that time. I was sitting in the cabin praying for our safety while climbing up the hill; the next second I knew, the campervan started shaking, and all personnel ran out of the campervan to help. I was sure that I was going to die in the valley this time, thank goodness nothing happened. Things could have been much worse.”

In a short while, a car passed by, allowing Jessie Chung and her team to hitch hike their way up to the mountain.

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To capture the atmosphere of the song, the director asked Jessie to sing in pouring rain. It was winter time in Australia, and the temperature was barely above ten degrees Celsius. Soaked wet by the freezing rain, Jessie shivered in the cold, but she held out. After enduring for more than ten minutes, her extremities began to turn bluish-purple, but the director was eager to get a few more precious shots. Towards the end, Jessie was so cold that she lost the ability to speak, and she sat paralysed in the rain. The director was frightened when he saw the situation, and he immediately carried her to somewhere warm.

“I felt the cold seething into my bones, and I was so cold that I couldn’t move, even my heart felt numb. The director asked if I was still alive, but I couldn’t answer him, because my mouth was cold and paralyzed too.” said Jessie emotionally, “Fortunately, I take good care of my health every day, otherwise I would have probably been dead.” Jessie also took the opportunity to warn all heart disease patients not to get soaked in cold rain.

Drive My HeartMV Debut      Jessie Chung Gives Out iPhone 7 to Fans

Completing this “killer MV” was a weight off the whole team’s shoulders. To celebrate 【There You Are】’s success and the debut of【Drive My Heart】’s MV, Future Entertainment & Music Group has decided to give lucky fans a chance to win an iPhone 7.

The promotional event as seen on Jessie’s Facebook: The first 5,000 individuals who like and share on Facebook, then like and leave a comment on YouTube will have the chance to win an #iPhone7! Jessie will draw out 101 lucky winners! For details, please visit Jessie Chung’s Facebook page.