Music Box Sold Out 17 Shows The Unspoken Wounds Behind Jessie Chung’s Success

Music Box, starring Jessie Chung, sold out all 17 shows in its international tour as it achieved one full house after another! However, behind all of this success, lies a series of hidden wounds.

In the first performance, everything, including fights, falls, knocks, kisses and tears, was carried out in full. Jessie Chung injured herself during rehearsal and the first show, and with the second show just around the corner, she had no choice but to go onstage with her injuries. After 17 performances of Music Box—all chock-full of fights and action—she received injury upon injury. Throughout her whole body, she received over 10 wounds that are still in the process of healing till this day.

Music Box was recently brought to Kota Kinabalu to perform, and the performance included a brand-new fight scene. This additional fight scene is a lot more challenging and requires more finesse than all the previous ones. During rehearsal, Jessie Chung got hurt in a few mishaps, causing the crew and other actors to worry for her. The director and team even contemplated to give up on the new scene, but Jessie chose to power through and complete all of the hair-raisingly challenging maneuvers, earning the respect of the crew.

Because of Jessie’s persistence, a magnificent and exciting fight scene was born in KK. After the curtain call, Jessie returned to the back stage with wounds on both of her legs. On the way there, she almost lost her balance and fell forward. Luckily, her assistant was there to prevent her from falling, thus averting another accident.

Although covered in injuries, Jessie stated, “All of this is worth it for the sake of art, charity and cancer patients.”