Moonlight, a Bittersweet Tale Based On a True Story Jessie Chung Goes All-Out and Receives Acclamation


Jessie Chung’s stage production Moonlight, an event that fundraises for cancer patients, debuted on Saturday night at the Symphony Theatre. For the sake of art, Jessie Chung went all out on stage with Li Zi Heng (portrayed by Marcus Choot), the one who loves her and Wang Jun Hao (portrayed by Tylor Chen), the one whom she loves; kissing scenes were quite prevalent, and Jessie’s character was slapped by her two lovers. During a hospital scene, she was brutally beaten up by Mrs. Lee (portrayed by Joel Lai); the force knocked Jessie back as she fell to the ground with the partition, all of this gave the crowd a huge surprise.

Moonlight is pre-recorded in Mandarin but has English subtitles to suit audiences with different backgrounds. The huge LED behind the stage displayed a variety of backgrounds, which included scenes of autumn parks, snowy streets, starry seashores, a Venice alley, and even Paris’s Pont des Arts; no wonder Jessie Chung’s character kept on wearing fall and winter outfits. Jessie Chung’s character, Xiao Fan, was originally a worry free girl; however, after having relationships with two men and learning about her mysterious background, she was forced to grow up overnight.

Moonlight is adapted from a literary work, and even 70% of the plotline is taken from Jessie Chung’s true life experiences. Although the rhythm of the latter part of the drama slowed a bit, it gave Jessie Chung the chance to let her acting skills shine and express the varying emotions of her character. Jessie Chung stated that she has fallen into a love triangle before in real life. As the curtains of Moonlight fell, a quote from Jessie Diary appeared for the audience to muse upon: “the person whom you love the most may not be the most suitable one for you, but the most suitable one for you, will become the person whom you love the most”.