Jessie Chung’s new album, ‘Tearless Sky’ well-received

Jessie Chung in Taiwan’s TV program Genius Go Go Go!

KUCHING: Kuching-born singer Jessie Chung is back with a new album, ‘Tearless Sky’ which was well-received after its initial launch in Taiwan last month.

The album is the second she has launched in Taiwan and is a big hit compared to the first album in 2012 as she was a new-comer in the industry then.

Jessie said the album received strong support from Taiwan’s acclaimed TV host, Xu Nai Lin. She has also made many appearances in various Taiwanese TV shows such as Kangsi Coming.

Even the show’s host helped to promote the album, highlighting it during the show which was not the norm, Jessie claimed, adding that the host — after listening to the songs — found good vibes behind the songs.

“The new hit single ‘Tearless Sky’ is written in memory of a brain cancer patient who died seven years ago. Within two weeks of the album’s release, ‘Tearless Sky’ and ‘Last Teardrop’ earned fourth spot on I Radio top hits list and stood at sixth place on Pop Radio,” Jessie said in a press conference last Saturday.

Jessie Chung holding her new album Tearless Sky in Kuching’s press conference

“Every year eight million people die of cancer while another two million die of suicide. My songs aim to give hope to the listeners.”

She said all 10 songs on the album were written by her and that she poured her feelings and story into the songs to give them more meaning for listeners.

She said the new album was primarily inspired by love, family, friendship and hope; she wished to encourage those in need through her music and to bring warmth to everyone.

In promoting her new album, Jessie received invitations to be interviewed on various TV and talk shows.

Jessie also received a lot of feedback from listeners who said her songs inspired them to not give up and also thanked her.

The ‘Tearless Sky’ music video was shot in Malaysia, unlike the previous album which was shot in Taiwan. Footage was shot at a harbour as she (Jessie) likes boats and yachts.

Unlike Malaysia, Jessie was surprised at the Taiwanese trend of fans going out to CD shops and record shops to buy CDs.

For the new album, she also held a mini concert at a hall in Taiwan with a capacity of 150 people.

It was filled with Taiwanese and Malaysian fans.

Jessie’s next live performance will be on Oct 11 at New York

Town Hall, which is her first performance in New York, followed by Nov 7 at Megastar Arena Kuala Lumpur, which has a seating capacity of 2,500.

Guest artists for the second performance will include Fauziah Latif and Ziana Zain.

On her next album, Jessie plans to record it in Malay with the help of a Malay singer.

Jessie Chung in Kangsi Coming, with the host Chai Kang Yong

“Though I am proud to be Malaysian, I dream of coming up with a Malay album but I did not have much chance with the language as I went to a Chinese primary school and a secondary school in Canada. A singer will help to brush up my singing in Malay,” she said.

Meanwhile, a national TV producer from Taiwan has expressed interest to work with Jessie to produce a telemovie about her life.

She will be heading to Taiwan in July to arrange the telemovie shooting.

Another milestone for her is to be picked as an ambassador for organic tea and soap bar.