Jessie Chung’s Latest English Album There You Are Launched in Malaysia!


Dr Jessie Chung, a Malaysiam international singer, actress, and entrepreneur, launched her first English EP ‘There You Are’ recently. She has already taken on the Chinese market with great success.  Spreading her wings further, this EP will be Dr Jessie’s launch pad for entry into the English market.   Dr Jessie Chung’s EP will feature three songs “There You Are”, “Drive My Heart” and “Someplace Honest”.

“I would like to dedicate this EP to both my father and my husband,” said Dr Jessie Chung. “I want to tell everyone that it is important to cherish your loved ones while they are still alive and I hope that, through my music, I am able to touch the hearts of many and get this message across.”

Dr Jessie adds, “I am very fortunate to be always surrounded by good people that have my best interest – be it my loved ones, friends and colleagues.  And it is because of them that I have the courage to spread my wings and fly.  I am not afraid of change, and to try new things.  So far, I am very grateful that the Chinese market has accepted my work.  I think it is timely to move into the English market and to make my music truly international.”

Jessie Chung English Album There You Are Press Conference in Malaysia-2Dr Jessie has released seven other albums, notably Home, Loving You, Message of Love from the Moon, Love in You, I Just Fall in Love Again, and Tearless Sky.  Her single “Love in You” was selected as the theme song for the Korean TV series My Secret Garden in Taiwan. Jessie Chung’s last album rose to 4th place on the I Radio Top Hits Chart and 6th place on the Pop Radio Top Ten Music Chart just within two weeks of her initial release in Taiwan.

‘There You Are’ is produced by Andy James Court, a renowned Australian veteran musician who is known for his rock ‘n’ roll style during the early years of his career. He has won over thirty international music awards and was the recipient of the 2015 Song of the Year Award. The music video was filmed and produced by Elijah Cavanagh, a film director from Brisbane, Australia.

“The filming of the music video for There You Are has been such a journey,” said Jessie. “we spent two days and nights, travelling on the road throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast to shoot the music video. It was so cold, like about 10 degree celsius, but I still could not wear any sweaters to keep myself warm. The most unforgettable scene was the one on the beach, as I was walking on the top of the cliff next to the ocean, I nearly fell down, but luckily I was able to stand firm with my wushu skills.”

On the recording process, producer Andy praised Jessie for her beautiful voice and vocal techniques that are beyond his expectations. He was very surprised after working with her. During production, Jessie easily fulfilled all his requirements; her tone, pitch, and emotions were all picture-perfect. What surprised him even more was that Jessie, who isn’t a native English speaker, sang with such an accurate accent that he couldn’t help but put two thumbs up at one point during the recording session.

Dr Jessie’s artist manager in Australia, Jonathan Timm said, “As her artist manager, I am privileged to work with her and to introduce her into the Australian market. I’ve listened to three songs in the album, and I love them. What’s really different about these songs are that these songs are big songs, I can hear them being played like in the stadium. They are like anthems, and I think that it will be something really for the fans to get behind and sing along to and jump up and down to. The music video is awesome. The aesthetic is just so clean and so polished, and Jessie look amazing. I think that the fans are going to love that as well.”

“As her manager, my roles are to get her the widest exposure and acceptance in the English-speaking markets, that includes the Australian and the global market through different forms of distribution, especially digital marketing. The change of image is part of the plan as well. In this English EP, we have created a new image for her, portraying a different side of Jessie who is energetic yet fun-loving,” Timm added. “We are all so excited to introduce this new image of her!”

Mr Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore said, “Warner Music is one of the world’s leading music publishers and we represent some of the most established artistes in Malaysia.  We are very proud to have also been Dr Jessie Chung’s distribution partner since her last Chinese album, “Tearless Sky”, and now once again for her EP “There You Are”

Choy continued, “I would like to highlight that the EP will be available on the digital platforms including iTunes, KK Box, Spotify, Deezer, Joox on 2 September 2016. We hope that you enjoy these songs as much as we did.”

“There You Are” can be purchased digitally on iTunes & KK Box, and will be available physically in all NHF outlets nationwide. Get a copy of the EP today or download from iTunes.

Watch the Music Video of There You Are: