Jessie Chung New MV in memorial of young fans died of cancer

Malaysia’s jewel Jessie Chung, shoots music video for her new song Tearless Sky in tearful memory of a young fan who passed away of cancer! Malaysia’s singer Jessie Chung launches her brand new album; she is currently shooting a music video for her new single, Tearless Sky. The lyrics of the song are written by Jessie, to commemorate a young fan of her, Daniel, who had passed early due to brain cancer. Jessie reveals that Daniel is the main reason behind her pursuit in doctorate of medicine (oncology). The lyrics have long been written, and the song was intended just for personal memory. Under the encouragement of her husband, the song finally made it into the recording of the album.  Often when this song is sung, Jessie would experience emotional breakdown!
Jessie Chung releases her brand new album Tearless Sky. The album’s first single, Tearless Sky is written by her, based on a true story, it depicts a young man who suffered from final-stage brain cancer, who had boldly faced all challenges and overcome impossibilities in life. “That young man, Daniel, is my fan. 7 years ago when I was still practicing medicine, his mother came to me and pleaded that her beloved son is in the final stage of brain cancer, all doctors have given up his treatment. She disclosed to me that her son is also a fan of my music. As I felt great sympathy for such a young soul, a 16-year old by then, to leave the world so soon; I decided to administer his treatment,” said Jessie.
“As it was already a final-stage cancer, his right arm had lost its motor function and his hair was falling away. To spirit him up, I wrote wishing card to him daily, and encouraged him to write back to me using his left hand; to make him feel that he was not alone, I’d accompany him and learn how to write with our left hands together. We even practiced badminton using our left hands. Everything that we did, we did it together, just to encourage him face life with a persevering attitude. And so he lived for another 3 years,” disclosed Jessie.
“To understand more about cancer and its treatments, I‘d made decision to pursue doctorate in medicine in China, with a hope to extend his life. However, Daniel left us so soon on my first year of study. In my deepest sorrow I had thought of giving up, but the promise that I made to him had reinforced my commitment!”
“The lyrics of this song are inspired while looking up to the shimmering night sky on my boat. I felt like I was looking up and having conversation with him, telling bout the past. It was never my intention to bring up this song and include it in my album because I just want to keep it in a corner within my heart. But under the support of my husband, I want to sing to him who is in heaven now!”
Jessie continued, “I hope to bring out the love of people through the inspiration of the lyrics, that everyone can embrace each other in love. Because of love, there will be no more tears in the sky!”  She said, “I’m lamented that many people had chosen to end their life prematurely in recent news. I hope this is the song that will remind all of us to treasure our own life!”
Jessie also admitted, “To recollect the memory and to add meaning into the new music video, I had invited Daniel’s younger brother, Issa to join the main cast. I had faced strong objection from their family at first; through my determination and persisted will, I finally managed to get a nod from his mother.”
“At the actual shooting location, when I saw Daniel’s 16-year old brother Isaac, I remembered Daniel was also 16 years old when I met him and many a time I couldn’t hold back my emotion. I’d intentionally styled Issa to reflect the likeness his brother, with the same wool cape worn by Daniel, and the use of left hand. I chose my boat as the shooting location because I’d once told Daniel I’ll buy a boat in the future, and I’ve fulfilled the assurance, and now I wish to share with him. I believe Daniel will definitely see this music video in heaven!”