Jessie Chung Mini Concert in Malaysia Jessie’s Fans Filled To the Rafters


It was the second Tearless Sky mini concert held in Kuala Lumpur’s NHF grand hall on Friday, 8 pm, in continuation after the first show in Taiwan. All the ticket sales generated will be donated to cancer foundation. Fans nationwide had out-bought available tickets in the shortest time. The organizers printed additional tickets to keep up to fans’ anticipation, making it a full-house show that night.

鍾潔希在2015年【沒有淚的天空】吉隆坡談唱會-Jessie-Chung-in-KL-Mini-Concert-2015Jessie Chung had performed more than 10 songs handpicked from her albums, with two English songs and one Malay song: Evergreen and Chasing the Rainbow and Sinaran consecutively. Jessie stated that The Last Teardrop is written for her late father and also dedicate it to every father. Nevertheless, Jessie also did not forget to honor a China wave Mandarin song titled Rolled Pearl Curtain translated from Mandarin “卷珠帘”, to all the mothers. The parents were gratified by Jessie’s intimate approach. Next, Jessie also thanked all her fans with the song This is My Love; of their daily messages of encouragement that had always showered her in love.

Recently the internet was abuzz with dreadful criticisms about Jessie. She credited her all her fans who have always been with her through thick and thin; and giving her full supports. Jessie made a deliberated self-mockery, saying “The hardest fan to become is undeniably Jessie’s fans”.
Jessie was saddened to a statement made by popular Taiwan TV host Kevin Tsai on Facebook: The only LGBT person who is still alive; it’s me. Jessie said, “Kevin is not alone, at least Jessie Chung is still alive.”

The mini concert had maintained its warm atmosphere throughout. Beads of tears rolled down incessantly as Jessie was performing her hit song Tearless Sky in memory of a young man whose journey on earth ended early due to brain cancer, and the fans were in sync with emphatic emotion.
Jessie had also performed on keyboard an instrumental number titled Missed, which she wrote it while she was yearning for her late father’s presence.
There was also an interesting game session held to raise fund for cancer. Jessie had given out her personal items as a giveaway for her lucky fans in their participation. The atmosphere was suddenly raised up a notch.

More than 400 fans shouted “encore” towards the end, and they were not disappointed as the show ended with another popular hit Sky Full of Star translated from “星星堆满天”. All the fans dance and sing along in rhythm and also screamed out their lungs, “Jessie, I love you”.
The tickets for the movie premiere of Faces, featured Jessie, and Jessie Chung Love Unity Concert were also sold on that night. The premiere of Faces will be showing in Paradigm Mall GSC on August and also cinemas nationwide.