Jessie Chung Meets Fans in Malaysia Fans Boil Over with Excitement


Immediately after completing the press conference for her new album There You Are, Jessie Chung could not wait to meet her fans with her new style at the fan meeting.

The fan meeting was held at the Top Glove Tower auditorium, and the place was already packed before the event started. When the host saw the situation, he humorously said that every Malaysian artist would envy such a scene, because no matter how spacious the venue is, Jessie’s fans always manage to make it crowded.672A8258S

Jessie Chung, exuding a thick Australian aura with her blonde hair and black leather jacket, sang and danced to her album’s title tracks, There You Are, Drive My Heart, and Someplace Honest. The whole crowd boiled over in excitement instantly by Jessie’s rock songs, and her fans let everything loose.

There You Are also incurred the favor of Pollywood, and the corporation bought the song at a lofty price as its theme song; a signing ceremony was carried out at the event.


_72A8332SSpecial Meanings Behind Each Song

Jessie stated that the three tracks mean a lot to her. There You Are, the lead single of the album, is dedicated to the two most important men in her life, her late father and her husband Joshua. Every time she listens to this song, memories of Joshua’s words during his proposal flood back to her mind. In one occasion, she asked Joshua, “What is love?” Joshua answered, “Love is a decision.” It was because of this “decision” that allowed them to stay together until now.

Another pumping song on the album Drive My Heart gives off positive energy: Through the lyrics, Jessie exhorts the listeners to be themselves, because everyone is the best. Jessie dedicated this song to all her fans, thanking them for being her driving force all along the way. As for the last new single Someplace Honest, it talks about Jessie’s feelings before she turned back to her true identity.

Artist Manager Performs on the Spot

Artist Manager Jonathon Timms with Jessie on stage

That night, Jessie also introduced everyone to Future Entertainment Music & Group’s artist manager Jonathon Timms of Australia. The two of them stood on the stage like it was some kind of Australian talent show. The funny thing is, Jonathon Timms spoke in Chinese the whole time, which brought about waves of screams and shouts from the fans.

Jonathon Timms was once singer, and as he talked about his music career, he picked up a guitar right on the spot and began performing the acoustic version of Never Tear Us Apart, How Deep is Your Love and the classic Australian song, Better Day. He stated that the Australian music industry is now booming, and he believes that Jessie will become very popular in Australia soon.

Jessie Chung’s new album There You Are is currently available on sale in all NHF outlets, the album also includes the MV of There You Are and a video showing the making of the album.