Jessie Chung Meets Fans at Straits Quay Penang Hand Turns Numb from Signing Autographs


Jessie Chung reaches Penang Island to perform at her launching show, while long lines of fans had Jessie signing autographs for nearly two hours! She revealed that this was the first time an autograph session gave her a numb hand!


Immediately after completing the last Moonlight stage play at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), Jessie Chung showed up at Penang once again. This time, she wasn’t acting on stage at the Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) but rather she was performing on stage at an explosive launching show!


As the launching show started, Jessie Chung opened with her single “Someplace Honest”. Next, she performed “There You Are”, her album’s lead single, while thanking God for bestowing upon her life and allowing her to live healthily to this day. At the same time, she also exhorts her fans to look after their own health by drinking enough fluids and getting enough sleep and adequate exercise. She also took the opportunity to wish all “Penangers” good health. On the psychological side of health, she encouraged everyone to keep their heads up high at all times and never give up, because every person is unique. Upon saying these words, the beat to the song “Drive My Heart” began to blast through the amps, sending searing waves of excitement through the crowd!


All three new singles were performed, but fans were still shouting encore, and three songs didn’t seem to satisfy them. After a bit of commotion, Jessie Chung returned to the stage once again to perform her song “Moonlight”, which is also the theme song of her stage play of the same name. She expresses that time has gone by so quickly in the recent months; ten shows of the stage play have been completed in a flash. She passionately recited the lines “I want the moon, I don’t want spiders.” As she recalled the tragedy of the plotline, she had to hold back the tears in her eyes, causing her to pause sporadically throughout the song.


At the end of the show, Jessie threw many tiny love-shaped pillows into the crowd, while her fans frantically fumbled for them. Luckily security officers and other personnel came to the scene to form a wall between the stage and the crowd to maintain order, preventing injuries from occurring again. Finally, Jessie sang her hit song Starry Sky, an upbeat dance track, to wrap up her Penang launching show.

The launching show was sponsored by Natural Health Farm, St Tiew Dental Group, and Pollywood Pte; the site was sponsored by Straits Quay, and the show was organized by Future Entertainment & Music Group. The organizer prepared a raffle to giveaway prizes valuing in 10,000 RM in total, allowing all the participants to bring home a variety of gifts. Since so many fans desired to meet and take pictures with Jessie, the autograph and photograph session took approximately two hours to complete. Although her hand had turned numb from signing autographs, amiable Jessie had no complaints as she takes delight in making all of her fans’ days.