Jessie Chung Love Unity Concert Ends with Spectacular Success!


Jessie Chung has finally tore up the music scene with her Love Unity Concert on October the 17th at Megastar Arena! In just 3 and a half hours, Jessie has left the audience mesmerized, performing a total of 25 songs without a hint of slow-down through the entire night of captivating performances, fanning the heat of a huge crowd of fans.

Jessie Chung’s Love Unity Concert fundraises for cancer patients and orphans and has yielded huge responses from fans around the world, including the US, Taiwan, China, Australia, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, and home-soil Malaysia – leaving barely any space in the more than 2000-capacity arena. Due to the massive reaction, Jessie promised that she would open a second concert in December.

The vivid opening video played various fashion displays of Jessie that brought the fan’s anticipation to a boiling point. A gigantic star appeared at the end of the clip, and Jessie was walking out from it, putting on a futuristic heroine battle-spacesuit. Under the deafening surround of fans, she opened with Forever.

With the accompaniment of Gig Dancer and Code Dancer, Jessie executed neat and step-perfect moves that stunned fans. At the same time, Jessie was neither disappointing in satisfying the audience’s visual appetite, changing 9 unique styles and costumes during the night. The fans cheered enthusiastically from beginning to end, excitement filled the whole arena, and they screamed and shouted repeatedly “Jessie, we love you!” The crowd also brought in a variety of DIY-LED boards that displayed words such as “Jessie”, “JC”, “A Starry Sky”, “Tearless Sky” and “I Love You” to encourage her.

Jessie was not hesitant to show her talent in singing multiple languages, which included Chinese, Malay, English, Japanese and Cantonese. She was accompanied by a 7-person live band and 4 angelic backup vocals Lydia Zhou, BoHua Zhou, Haslan and Daniel. All 25 songs were rearranged by renowned Malaysian music producer and director Helen Yap. Helen Yap graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor in music and she has been a major pillar in the music industry for the last 29 years.

Apart from singing songs from her own albums, Jessie also pulled off her own renditions of A Colorful Universe, Agent J, Roar, Woman Flower and Koibitoyo (My Dear Lover) by Mayumi Itsuwa. Jessie even boldly challenged herself with Dia by Fauziah Latiff. The setlist was fitted equally between fast and slow numbers, fulfilling the preferences of a dynamic audience.

Under the vast stretch of the starry night sky, Jessie played Kitaro’s Matsuri effortlessly with an organ. Invited to perform at the concert was a talented keyboardist from the US, John.

Malaysia’s famous singers Fauziah Latiff and Ziana Zain performed as guest artistes that night. Jessie also brought up her Wushu team to perform jaw-dropping maneuvers and choreographs with different weapons, assimilating Chinese culture to the audience.

While singing the last song Tearless Sky, Jessie attempted to hold back her tears, but was unable to do so after recalling the memories of a 17-old-boy who succumbed to cancer. Many fans were also moved to tears and they all shouted, “Jessie, we love you!” to comfort her. After singing together with crowd over the last song, the crowd was even thirsty for more, shouting and chanting “Encore! Encore!” The whole arena was flooded with a high tide of excitement and the audiences were not met with disappointment; the rhythm started to kick in and Jessie was back on stage singing the encore songs Loving You and A Starry Sky. The revitalized crowd waved their glowing sticks under the backdrop of a starry sky, and the show ended with a brilliant exclamation.

Through her voice, Jessie Chung successfully raised one hundred and thirty thousand Ringgit Malaysia for cancer patients and orphans. All amount raised will be donated to the Dr. Jessie Chung Cancer Fund, MAKNA (National Cancer Council Malaysia), Rainbow Home Orphanage and Shelter Orphanage.