Jessie Chung Drops the Bomb Takes a Break from Showbiz

Princess of Rock Jessie Chung is backing out from the music industry? Are the rumors true? She recently dropped the bomb on her Facebook page!

Not long after a performance in front of 5,000 people in Malaysia, she flew to Australia. The next day, she posted a video on her Facebook page stating that she is “temporarily backing out of the music industry”.

Through the video, Jessie stated that after obtaining her Doctorate in Medicine—Oncology, she began working on her second doctorate, a Professional Doctorate in Health Research. She admitted that years of balancing her career with studies proved too stressful. Recently, after discussing the issue with her record label, they decided to delay her concerts, stage plays, and TV show, commercial, and film appearances.

She emphasized that she is only taking a break so that she could fully devote her time to finishing her doctoral dissertation, and that she is not leaving the showbiz. However, since publicity campaign plans in Australia have already been arranged, she is required by her boss to follow through with the original plan.

Besides going to class, she also has to finish her doctorate dissertation during this final year. In the video, she said lightheartedly that if she doesn’t complete her doctorate in half a year, it might be another 10 years before she attains her second doctorate. As for those unavoidable promotional activities, what should she do with them? Jessie said, if the events are truly obligatory, then she would have to fly back for it. It’s apparent that Jessie has made some considerable sacrifices this time for her doctorate.

Jessie’s boss in Australia stated: Jessie has such an immense love for music, we are confident that she’ll return to our family in no time to share her music with the rest of the world.