Chinese Name:钟洁希

English Name: Jessie Chung

Nationality: Malaysia

Ethnic: Han

Born: 16th June, Kuching

Occupations: Singer, Actress, Author, Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Nutritional Consultant

Albums:Home, Loving You, There is a Decision, Love in You, Tearless Sky, There You Are, Be Strong

Measurements: 36-26-36

Height: 1.63m

Jessie Chung is an international recording artist and actress based in Australia, currently under the management of Future Entertainment & Music Group. She is the only Malaysian artist who has stormed foreign charts, including the prestigious Taiwan 5 Music International Chart, and the I Radio Top Hits Chart. True to her multitalented status, she is also a doctor of medicine in oncology, naturopathic doctor (US), certified nutritional consultant (US), homeopathic doctor, certified iridologist, biotech researcher, accomplished entrepreneur, author, martial arts coach, and philanthropist from Malaysia. Besides holding a doctor of medicine degree (M.D.) in Clinical Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine—Oncology from Guangzhou University of TCM, China, she also possesses a MBA from The University of South Australia and a BSc. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oriental Medical Institute, Hawaii, USA. In recent years, she was the only naturopathic oncologist selected as one of the Hummingbird Cancer Centre leading members to head their natural therapy department.

By now, she has released six Chinese albums and two English albums. Her single Love in You was selected as the theme song for the Korean TV series My Secret Garden in Taiwan, whereas her album of the same name topped Malaysia’s aiFM Top Hits Chart, staying at number 1 for many consecutive weeks. In China, her album Loving You charted among the top 10. Her recent album Tearless Sky rose to 4th place on the I Radio Top Hits Chart and 6th place on the Pop Radio Top Ten Music Chart just within two weeks of initial release in Taiwan. The album was well received by the public and has received appraisal from music journalists. She has appeared on numerous TV shows in Taiwan, and her album was strongly recommended by the TV hosts of the programmes, one of them being Kevin Tsai (Cai Kang Yong), in his legendary TV show Kangsi Coming. Exhibiting a strong presence on TV shows, Jessie has recently been invited to host TV shows in both China and Australia.

Basic Information

Chinese Name: 鍾潔希

English Name:Jessie Chung

Birthday:16th June

Height: 1.63m

Blood Type:A

Hometown: Kuching, Sarawak

Religion: Christian Language: Chinese, English, Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien

Hobbies: Wushu, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Archery, Reading, Writing,

Singing Instruments: Piano, Organ (Grade 8), Guitar, Accordion

Favourite Color: Pink, White, Blue

Favourite Fruit: Durian, Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry

Favourite Flower: Rose, Lily

Favourite Pet: Dog

2016 Album :There You Are

In 2016, Jessie Chung signed to Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia and prepared for her debut in the international music scene.

Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia put together a team to create an out-of-this-world album and a series of high-class music videos. The team managed to put everything together singlehandedly, from planning, preparation, shooting, recording, location scouting, to post production. Ditching her usual softer personality, Jessie chose to rock a blonde hairstyle and a rebellious obsidian dress to fit in with the new genre of her album.

There You Are is produced by Andy James Court, a renowned Australian veteran musician who was popular for his style of rock ‘n’ roll during the early years of his career. He has won over thirty international music awards and was the recipient of the 2015 Song of the Year Award.

Producer Andy has stated that Jessie’s voice and vocal techniques are beautiful and beyond his expectations. He was very surprised after working with her. During production, Jessie easily fulfilled all his requirements; her tone, pitch, and emotions were all perfect. What surprised him even more was that Jessie, who isn’t a native English speaker, sang with such an accurate accent that he couldn’t help but put two thumbs up at one point during the recording session.

As for the music video, famous director Elijah Cavanagh from Brisbane, Australia was responsible for filming and production. “Shooting the music video for There You Are was a really arduous process,” stated Jessie Chung, “we woke up at four in the morning and began to travel to various film locations. It was really cold, temperatures dropped below 10 degrees Celsius, and my extremities were stiff and numb due to the fact that I was wearing a light dress during shooting. The most unforgettable part of the shoot was a scene near the seashore, I almost fell off the cliff while walking along the elevated seashore. Fortunately, my experience with Wushu allowed me to stand firm.”

What Jessie Chung has achieved with her album There You Are is nothing short of miraculous, she did the impossible, for a Malaysian artist at least. Upon release, her new album shot right up to the most influential and authoritative chart in the Taiwanese music industry, Five Music’s International Chart, debuting at number two. Jessie is confirmed to be the first Malaysian singer to squeeze into this prestigious chart, overtaking Australian artist Sia, Ariana Grande, and Celine Dion. Only Lady Gaga placed ahead of Jessie by a margin of just two points.

To recognize Jessie’s outstanding achievements accomplished through her new album, Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Group Malaysia cum Chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia presented Jessie with the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Music Industry along with a Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia representative.

There You Are sold over 15,000 physical albums and was certified platinum.

Album: Be Strong

After breaking barriers through the release and charting of her English album There You Are in various countries, international artist Jessie Chung came back with the release of her sophomore English album, Be Strong.

The recording, production, and music video filming of Be Strong was also undertaken by the Australian team. The album consists of seven songs of different styles. In the music video of her lead single “Be Strong”, Jessie Chung stood in the Australian sun for a staggering eight hours, enduring temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius. Her skin was severely sunburned as she forgot to put on sunscreen. Also, the dress with a three-meter-long train and high heels that she wore caused her to fall and faceplant in the sand many times, giving her a mouth full of sand and much embarrassment. For a scene in the music video, Jessie wore a pastel, see-through dress with flowers on the beach. It came as a shock when the director asked her to go braless, but Jessie Chung boldly decided to give the idea a go, sacrificing herself for the sake of art.

Gary Scallan, CEO of Future Entertainment and Music Group Australia flew all the way to Malaysia to join Darren Choy, managing director of Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore for the Be Strong album launching. Together, they presented her a diamond-studded electric guitar, and placed an emblematic crown on her to symbolize her reign as the new “Princess of Rock”.

In 2017, Jessie Chung toured across Malaysia with the Be Strong Concert Tour. She also performed in Dongguan China and Taipei. Her shows attracted swarms of enthusiastic fans in every city to see and support her, and the crowd never failed to fill up the entire venue.

The album outdid her previous English album’s achievements, topping both Five Music’s International Chart and i Radio’s International Chart with two No.1 positions, while the eponymous single shot to No.3 on UFO Radio’s International Top Singles Chart.

Besides, the album sold over 15,000 copies in three months, receiving a platinum certification. The music videos of the album also surmounted 5 million views on YouTube.

Music Career

During her junior high school years, Jessie was chosen as the only youth representative in the district to sing at the National Day Celebration. Fourteen year old Jessie then represented the school to sing solo on the TV program “Musika”. That year she also wrote her first song “Just for You”.

In high school, she began to take electric organ lessons, and she passed the organ grade examination with distinction. Later on, she received a merit for composing and writing the song “I Wandered Once” in a contest held by Yamaha. She participated in an international talent contest in Canada held by TVB at the age of sixteen and successfully entered into the finals. Afterwards, she performed her first solo concert to raise funds for orphanages; singing in 5 different languages (English, Malay, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin), the concert turned out to be a success. She was offered a contract by a recording company in Singapore, but it had to be turned down as she needed to concentrate on her studies.

During her tertiary studies in Hawaii, she performed a Mandarin song on a grand stage for the first time. She then performed three English songs at her graduation, receiving favorable appraisals. Once again, she was offered a contract by a recording company in Hawaii, but she rejected the offer due to demanding studies.

After finishing her studies, Jessie’s passion to contribute herself to music and charity intensified extensively. She wrote the song “Home” on behalf of the orphans and became a singer to raise funds for charitable organizations. She then released her album Home and There Is a Decision, making herself known by the press as the “Singing Doctor” and “Loving Doctor”. She later represented Malaysia in a gospel concert held in Singapore. In addition, she participated in the “All Stars Orphan Love & Care Concert Tour” and her solo concert “Love Story” during the year 2000 to raise funds for orphans.

In 2006, she was brought under Symphony Musical House and released her albums Loving You, Message of Love from the Moon, and I Just Fall in Love Again in the following years.

After completing her Doctor of Medicine in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Jessie devoted herself fully in the entertainment industry.

She released her 7th album Love in You in Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia in 2012.Her press conference in Taiwan attracted most of the well-known media in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, making her the center of attention in the news. She released her 8th album Tearless Sky on May 15, 2015 in Taiwan.

Love in You Album (2012)

All through November and December of 2012, Jessie received numerous interviews from most of the major medias.

Her music videos Love in You and Utopia were featured on Taiwan’s KTV, and her single Love in You was selected as the theme song for the Korean TV series My Secret Garden in Taiwan.

Her new song, Love in You was broadcasted on most of the radio stations in Taiwan and received a generally favorable response from critics. She was invited for exclusive interviews on various radio stations, such as The Broadcasting Corporation of China, UniFM, etc.

Promotion for her album continued in Malaysia and Singapore during December 2012. She was featured on the cover of Health Weekly in Singapore.

Tearless Sky Album (2015)

Jessie Chung’s latest album Tearless Sky was released in Taiwan and was well received by the critics. She was strongly supported by Taiwan’s acclaimed TV host Xu Nai Lin in her press conference. Jessie has received wide media and press attention on her schedules and activities; in addition, she has made several appearances in eminent TV shows such as Kangxi Lai Le  and Genius Go Go Go.

The new hit single Tearless Sky is written in memory of a brain cancer patient who had left the world 7 years ago. The second hit The Last Teardrop is a recount of Jessie’s courage in confronting herself and her future during the period of her transition.] Within two weeks of the album’s initial release, Jessie’s new singles rose to 4th place on the I Radio Top Hits Chart and 6th place on the Pop Radio Top Ten Music Chart. Jessie mentioned that the new album is primarily inspired by love, family relationship, friendship and hope; she wishes to encourage those who are in need through her music and bring warmness to all.

While promoting her new album, Jessie received a traffic of interview invitations from various major medias, and the main single Tearless Sky was getting heavy airplay rotation in many radio stations in Taiwan. On May 29, 2015, Jessie had her second up close performance in front of a live audience in Taiwan. Two of her most beloved persons were invited on stage;Jessie’s husband Joshua greeted her with a sweet kiss, while Jessie’s ex-fiancée Judy generously treated Jessie with her favorite dessert. The beautiful story behind their relationship attracted the interest of a Taiwan TV station, and they intend to adapt it into a movie.



  • Doctor of Medicine (Clinical Integrative Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine-Oncology) (Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China)
  • MBA (Master of business Administration,University of South Australia)
  • Bachelor of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Oriental Medical Institute, Hawaii, USA)
  • Naturopathic Doctor (ANMCB, USA)
  • CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant AANC, USA)
  • Vice president of Malaysia Anti-Cancer Association (MACA)
  • Other Certifications
  • Board Certified Naturopathic Physician (American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, ANMCB)
  • Board Certified Chinese Medical Doctor (CMD) (Malaysia TCM Practitioners Association)
  • Master of Science (University of Health Science, Hawaii US)
  • Certificate of Chinese Medicine(Chung Hua Institute of Chinese Medicine, Malaysia)
  • Bachelor of Science (American Holistic College of Nutrition)
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science (Homeo Research & Educational Institute, Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Senior Nutritionist (Chengdu University of TCM,China)
  • Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (ITEC, UK)
  • Diploma in Fitness & Nutrition (ICS, Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Certificate in Internal & Cancer Therapy (The China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guang An Men Hospital, Beijing, China)
  • Certified Wushu Judge & Coach (Sports Bureau & Dept. of Education of Guangdong, China
  • Certified Duan Wei 5 (5th Grade) in Chinese Wushu Grading System (Chinese Wushu Association)
  • Certified Invigilator (American Naturopathic Medical Association)

Acting Career

Since youth, Jessie Chung has been active in the drama acting scene. During secondary education, she was chosen by the school to take on the leading role in the drama Shooting with the Stars. Afterwards, with her previous experience and qualifications, Jessie wrote, directed and acted in the play Frightening. Subsequently, collaborating with her academy, she directed and produced several short films, including “A Better Tomorrow”, “Ping-Pong Prince”, “Lovely Paradise”, “The Origin”, “The Story of Tekmen”, and “Happy Family”.

The Faces

In 2013, Jessie Chung accepted a leading role in Faces, a film produced by the Beijing Griffin Group. The role was a massive challenge because Jessie had to depict two characters with different personalities, Li Yu and Yuan Yuan. These two characters are in a complicated relationship with the character portrayed by Jessie’s leading co-star from Hong Kong, Jackie Lui. On March 18, the movie premiere and opening ceremony was held in Nanchang. Apart from the creative team from Jiangxi, the team also includes a star-lineup of famous actors including Hong Kong actor Law Kar Ying, Cheng Pei Pei, and also the well-known actor Liu Hua who took part in the film Crazy Stone.

Unchanging Love

Towards the end of 2013, Jessie Chung accepted the leading actress role in Unchanging Love, a movie produced by the students of Hanxing College of Communication. Jessie herself led a group of students from her Wushu academy to join the casts and promote Chinese Martial Arts by adding flares of exciting action scenes into the movie. Unchanging Love was mainly released to fundraise for the treatment costs of underprivileged cancer patients. The movie itself is a mixture of comedy, martial arts, thriller, suspense, romance, and family virtues. The story revolves around two disciples who struggle against each other for the master’s position in a modern martial arts academy. Love faded and turned into hatred, but in the end grudge was overcame by love, wrapping the film up in a perfect ending. Jessie Chung was able to fully unleash her international gold-medal Wushu talents in the movie by playing the role of an adroit martial arts heroine.

Kungfu Taboo

In 2014, Jessie Chung was invited to star in Kungfu Taboo, an action-comedy movie with actors from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The star-lineup includes award-winning actress Kara Wai, Singaporean comedian and actor Henry Thia, and Malaysian actors Frederick Lee and Miao Miao. The movie combines a variety of Wushu elements and is nothing short of fight scenes with a diverse array of Wushu weapons. Due to her achievements in the international Wushu arena, Jessie Chung was the director and producer’s best choice for leading actress. However, Jessie turned down the role due to an elbow injury right before shooting started; she later agreed to appear on screen as a cameo instead. The movie was shot in Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pinang and had already been released in Malaysia; it is scheduled for release in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.



Books & Publication

  • Jessie Diary 1 – The Race of Life 2009
  • Jessie Diary 2 – The Power of Love 2010
  • Jessie Diary 3 – Hearing a Blessed Voice  2011
  • Jessie Diary 4- The Passage of a Colourful Life 2012
  • Stay Away from Cancer 2012
  • Stay Away from Disease 2012
  • Jessie Diary 5 – Love in You 2013
  • Jessie Diary Hardcover Edition 2013
  • Jessie Diary 6 – Enjoy your work 2014
  • Jessie Diary 7 – A Starry Sky 2015


At the age of fourteen, Jessie participated in a visit to an orphanage organized by her school’s Red Crescent Society through singing and performing. Since then, her heart has been drawn closer to orphans. When she was seventeen years old, she left her hometown, Kuching to pursue her studies in Canada. As she tried to accommodate herself under a foreign roof, she gradually found that it is quite difficult to fit into the surroundings of her new life. During that time, she saw herself as an orphan, with parents living on the far edge of the horizon. That moment of solitary caused her to sympathize with orphans. Since then, her conscience grew stronger and she began to set her heart out to help orphans— a dream she has been fulfilling since then.

In 1998, Jessie launched her debut album Home, which is dedicated to raise funds for orphanages. All ten original songs from the album are written by her. After the rearrangement of the single Home, it was once again featured on her album Loving You. In the year 2000, her second album There is a Decision continued to contribute to orphanages. Jessie toured Malaysia during her Love Story concert, which was set out to spread the message of love and care for orphans. Throughout the tour she searched for a company of “Caring Angels” to assist her in her mission.

In the same year, she involved herself in the “All Stars Orphan Love & Care Concert Tour” and successfully raised RM 50,000 and RM 20,000 in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching respectively. Afterwards, Jessie and her company of “Caring Angels” paid several visits to orphanages to share their love. During the year 2005, they managed to raise RM 30,000 in March and RM 15,000 in November; in 2006, RM 33,000 was raised in June and RM 40,000 in October.

Today, Jessie continues to strive for the orphans’ welfare. She believes that if each and every one of us is willing to pour out a little love, the world would see less of the miserable and deprived.


Awards and honors

  • Won The 2007 Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award For Leadership Excellence
  • Won The 2008 Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award For Brand Excellence
  • Founded Natural Health Naturopathic Academy in 2008.
  • Won The 2010 Enterprise 50 Awards (4th Winner)
  • Won The 2010 BrandLaureate-SME Chapter Awards Best Brands in Organic Food & Supplements (Retail)
  • Won The 2011 Enterprise 50 Awards (3rd Winner)
  • Won The 2011 BrandLaureate-SME Chapter Awards Best Brands in Organic Food & Supplements (Retail)
  • Founded Natural Health Naturopathic Centre in 2012.
  • Won the JCI Socially Responsible Company Awards 2012 Master Class Awards in Labour Standards
  • Won ASEAN Business Awards 2013 The Most Admired ASEAN Enterprise (Employment)
  • Won the Asian Pacific Enterprise Leadership Award (APELA) Singapore 2013 Best Employer Award
  • Won Malaysia 100 Excellent Enterprises 2013 Excellent Eagle
  • Won The 2013 Enterprise 50 Awards
  • Won The SME Recognition Excellence Awards 2013


Wushu Awards

Under her mother’s intense passion for the art of Wushu, Jessie’s interest in Wushu sprouted rapidly during her childhood. In junior high school, she started training at the Nanyang Wushu Academy, and she dreamed of setting up her own Wushu Academy one day. While pursuing her doctorate studies in China, fate permitted her to meet the masters of the Jiangnan Wushu Center in Guangzhou, Master Guan Zhao Bo, Master Yu Hui Yi and well-known internet Wushu artist, Master Lin Xin. After learning a great deal from these masters, Jessie was able to fulfil her dream, successfully setting up the NHF Wushu Academy.

Jessie has successfully achieved the 5th Duan of Chinese Wushu Duanwei, becoming an associate member of the Guangzhou Wushu Academy. She is also a qualified Wushu coach, referee, and instructor certified by the State General Administration of Sports and the Department of Wushu Education in Guangdong Province. Jessie’s prominent Wushu styles include: Butterfly Palm (蝴蝶掌), Whirlwind Sword (旋風劍), Overlord’s Spear (霸王槍), Meteor Staff (流星棍法), Nine Ring Broadsword (九環大刀), Tailwind Dual Sabre (追風雙刀), Twin Blade from Heaven (天劍雙飛), and Hung Fist (洪拳).


Personal Achievements

  • 1 Gold Medal (Nanquan) & 1 Silver Medal (Sword) in the Guangzhou Open Wushu Championship 2009
  • 3 Gold Medals (Sword, Spear, Weapon Duel) & 1 Silver Medal (Nanquan) in The 9th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship 2010 (over 6800 participants from 30 countries)
  • 1 Gold Medal (Sword)&3 Silver Medals (Nanquan, Spear, Southern Weapon) in the Guangzhou Open Wushu Championship 2010
  • The 9th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship 2011 (over 8000 participants from 25 countries)

  Wushu Achievements

  • Lead the team in the 9th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship 2011 and was awarded with “The Best Coach” award and “The Best Team for Nanquan”. The team won 32 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 1 bronze medals.
  • Participants from NHF Wushu Academy won 22 gold, 10 silver, and 5 bronze medals in the Wushu International Championship Malaysia 2011.
  • Participants from NHF Wushu Academy won 23 gold, 12 silver, and 7 bronze medals in the 4th World KuoShu Championship Tournament Malaysia.

Writing Career

Since the commencement of junior high school, Jessie has already developed a strong affection for literature. When her poem “Failure is the Source of Success” was published in a magazine, her love for literature flourished even more. During her tertiary studies, she was invited as a special columnist for New Life Post and Long Life Magazine. In 2005, her writing was included in Guang Ming Daily’s special column, “One on One Psychology” (心靈直播), and the medical column of Healthy Magazine. In 2007, she wrote for Nan Yang Siang Pau’s “Woman’s Private Talk” (女人私房話) column. She progressed into a full-fledged writer in 2009 and published Jessie Diary 1. The novel was well-reviewed among many readers, which subsequently launched the still running Jessie Diary series. In 2011, she was the featured writer for New Life Post’s counselling column “Therapy with Jessie” (潔希治心病). She also had written in special columns for Sin Chew Daily and International Times, and was also specially invited by The Star as a contributor. After graduating as a medical doctor in 2012, she conglomerated her years of medical knowledge and research into her new book, Stay Away From Cancer. Currently, she is the tenant writer in the medical column of Special Weekly titled, “Jessie’s Clinic” (潔希開診).



  • Jessie Diary 1 – The Race of Life 2009
  • Jessie Diary 2 – The Power of Love 2010
  • Jessie Diary 3 – Hearing a Blessed Voice 2011
  • Jessie Diary 4- The Passage of a Colourful Life 2012
  • Stay Away from Cancer 2012
  • Stay Away from Disease 2012
  • Jessie Diary 5 – Love in You 2013
  • Jessie Diary Hardcover Edition 2013
  • Jessie Diary 6 – Enjoy your work 2014
  • Jessie Diary 7 – A Starry Sky 2015


Personal Life

Jessie Chung’s Blissful Wedding

After changing her gender, Jessie Chung became caught up in many complicated relationships and consequently ended them due to her special identity. After many unsuccessful relationships, she finally understood the meaning behind the saying: “The one you love most might be unsuitable for you, but the one that suits you best will become the one you love most.” Not long after, Jessie had a fateful relationship with her current husband, Joshua, who had relentlessly pursued her for three years. Then, Joshua consecutively proposed to Jessie for a staggering six times. Moved by Joshua’s proposal, Jessie willingly ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and accepted Joshua’s marriage proposal.

According to Jessie Chung, she was undecided towards Joshua’s proposal due to her fear that Joshua’s family would reject her. Unexpectedly, not only were both of their parents unbiased with their marriage plan, but they were also genuinely supportive as well.


Wedding Anniversary Celebration

On November 12, 2005, Jessie Chung was married to Joshua Beh under the solemnization of three pastors. The couple held an impressive wedding ceremony at the Riverside Majestic Hotel in Kuching and opened 86 wedding tables for nearly a thousand friends and relatives. However, their marriage is not supported or recognized under Malaysia’s law and they never received their marriage certificates from the government. Despite all of this, Jessie and her husband did not take this matter into their hearts. They have stated that the situation is understandable under the Malaysian constitution.