17th Music Box Performance Brought to Kota Kinabalu Jessie Chung: “People in KK are so Passionate!”

After Music Box the stage play was performed in Indonesia and Taiwan, it was brought to the JKKN, National Department for Culture and Arts, Sabah Complex.

Music Box the stage play is based on a true story in England, infused with elements from three episodes of relationships in Jessie’s love life. The play combines universal themes of romance, family and friendship to convey messages of positivity. The cast of Music Box includes 15 actors and actresses. Besides themes of love and family, the play also encompasses well-choreographed fights and bits of suspense. The tightly-woven plot and adrenaline-pumping fight scenes never fails to put theatregoers on the edge of their seats. To make things even better, the performance in KK included an additional, fresh fight scene, and anyone could tell that through the audience’s reactions that they really got a kick out of it. Furthermore, the audience was all reduced to tears during various emotional moments.

Performing in English, Jessie Chung portrays a bar songstress who is the love interest of three men. The three male leads Marcus Choot, Jeffrey Beh and Tylor Chen, all have parts that require intimate interactions with Jessie Chung. During virtually every scene, Jessie put herself through rigorous challenges, displaying a wide range of emotions from heartbreaking grief to frenzied joy. A great deal of scenes required her to display seven different emotions within a few minutes, including joy, anger, astonishment, confusion, madness, sadness and grief. In the three-hour-long play, Jessie kissed, got slapped and got injured; all of this caused her to fail to pull herself out of her character even after curtain call.

Australian producer Neil McLean recorded an exclusive video clip that was played before the show, thanking the audience for their attendance and support and hoping that they enjoy the show and the message of love it has to offer. Upon curtain call, the audience gave a roaring ovation and cheered for the cast; to this, Jessie Chung couldn’t help but say, “People in KK are so passionate!”

Music Box is unique in its integration of spectacular LED environments, sound effects and soundtrack to enhance the realism and make the show even more convincing. This way, the audience will have an immersive experience of the story.

The stage play Music Box is an event that fundraises for cancer patients; Jessie Chung and the rest of the cast and crew all perform free of charge for the cause of philanthropy. The organizer also held a fundraiser to sell various Music Box-related products, including elegant music boxes, T-shirts, souvenirs, etc. All proceeds and donations will go to cancer charity.

There are currently more than 30 Music Box performances scheduled. Since the first show in December 2017, Music Box has already been performed in both West and East Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, and will soon be brought to Singapore, China, United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, India, Japan, and Australia so that this rousing, avant-garde stage play can be experienced by an ever-growing, international audience.