China-leg of World Tour Opens, Jessie Chung Receives Unwanted Kiss From Fan at Dongguan


Princess of Rock Jessie Chung touched down in China on December 23rd! Donning a flashy, candy-red jacket, Jessie turned Dongguan upside down without breaking a sweat!



Upon the release of the new album Be Strong, Jessie Chung began to travel around the world to promote her new baby. The launching show in Shah Alam, Malaysia overflowed with more than 2,000 fans, while the Dongguan show also attracted around 1,000 Chinese fans who were eager to experience an emotionally uplifting performance. As Jessie Chung stepped off her flight at the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, swarms of fans rushed forward to greet the singer, asking for autographs and requesting to take photos with her. Helpless, Jessie had to wait for the airport security to disperse the crowd and make way so she could leave the airport.


After attending the press conference at the Parklane Hotel Dongguan, Jessie Chung prepared to perform that very same night. Passion seemed to be at an all-time high for her Dongguan fans. The moment Jessie appeared on stage, fans bolted to the front of the stage to catch a better view of her. Many fans attempted to rush on stage, but were stopped by personnel. Seeing the situation, personnel lined the stage to separate the eager fans from their idol. Despite all the precautions, Jessie Chung was still harassed by two male fans who gave her an unwanted kiss right on stage while presenting her flowers. Luckily, her bodyguards quickly pulled the fans away, preventing them from advancing any further with their misconduct.


“It’s hard to imagine how crazy the fans in Dongguan are, after leaving the venue, I could still hear them cheering and screaming from the outside,” said Jessie with astonishment.

Promotional activities and launching shows of Jessie Chung’s Be Strong will soon cover the whole Malay Peninsula and East Malaysia. The next stop will be on December 31st, 8pm at Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya; on the very next day, Jessie will see her fans at AEON Bukit Tinggi at 3pm to celebrate the arrival of 2017!