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Blessings Abound in Taiwan for Jessie Chung New Album Scores Two No. 1 Chart Positions and Crosses Platinum Mark

Surprise after surprise has been coming in for Princess of Rock Jessie Chung upon the release of her new album Be Strong in Taiwan. Having been smiled on by fortune, she has now returned to Malaysia to celebrate and share the success with her fans! Be Strong has received major support from the Taiwanese, as enthusiastic media and radio stations rushed to push Jessie’s album and its intrinsic positive energy around the country to empower its people. Jessie campaigned in […]


Shouts “I Love Malaysia!” Jessie Chung Sews Heart-shaped Pillows for Fans

                            Princess of Rock Jessie Chung shows off her songs at AEON Kepong Metro Prima and Sunway Putra Mall, wrapping up her two Be Strong Launching Shows in Klang Valley. Her shows attracted more than one thousand fans, packing the both venues until no space was left. In her launching shows, Jessie Chung performed ten of her hot hits, including her song “There You Are” which is […]


One Be Strong Launching Show After Another Jessie Chung Expresses Love Through Talk Show

  As a part of her Be Strong World Tour, Princess of Rock Jessie Chung performs all through the night to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Within 19 hours, Jessie performed at three different venues, attracting more than 3,000 fans and crowding up every location. Besides performing some of her most popular songs, she also entertained the crowd by talk show. On December 31st, Jessie Chung showed up in a black jacket at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. After […]


Jessie Chung’s Album Certified Platinum, Gives up Offer as A-mei’s Guest Artist

Good news just keep rolling in for Princess of Rock Jessie Chung! After a thousand fans attended Jessie’s launching show in Dongguan, Guangzhou, China, Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia brought in the electrifying news: There You Are is now certified platinum! On Thursday afternoon, Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia held the “There You Are Platinum Award Press Conference” at SPAC in Shah Alam. Jessie Chung’s There You Are has stayed in the top ten of the international chart for eight consecutive […]


China-leg of World Tour Opens, Jessie Chung Receives Unwanted Kiss From Fan at Dongguan

Princess of Rock Jessie Chung touched down in China on December 23rd! Donning a flashy, candy-red jacket, Jessie turned Dongguan upside down without breaking a sweat! Upon the release of the new album Be Strong, Jessie Chung began to travel around the world to promote her new baby. The launching show in Shah Alam, Malaysia overflowed with more than 2,000 fans, while the Dongguan show also attracted around 1,000 Chinese fans who were eager to experience an emotionally uplifting performance. As […]


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