Jessie Chung

She is a International recording artiste, actress from Malaysia who holds a doctor of medicine degree (M.D.) in Clinical Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine-Oncology from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. She is also a Wushu practitioner, author, and entrepreneur.

She is the author of “Stay Away from Cancer”, “Stay Away from Diseases”, and “Jessie’s Diary” series. She also has authored 10 literary and medical works to date, which are translated in English and Bahasa Malaysia. She is the medical writer for the New York’s Health Publication Healthy Lifestyle, Singapore’s Health Publication Health Journal; Malaysia’s prominent news magazines—City Magazine.

In 2012, Jessie Chung set her first step in international entertainment scene, with t-starring in a Chinese production film The Faces and Malaysian film Unchanging Love. Throughout her acting career, she has already released 7 albums under her belt, notably Tearless Sky, Love in You, I Just Fall in Love Again, Home, Loving You, and Message of Love from the Moon.

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