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Jessie Chung’s Moonlight Highly Acclaimed Extends to 14 Showings

The curtains sweep open with Moonlight, Jessie Chung appears on stage and stuns the crowd with short, bouncy hair and an elegant winter dress! To raise funds for cancer patients, Jessie Chung continues to showcase her skills on stage after the 7th showing of her Exquisite Chinese Orchestra Concert. Under the guidance of director Brian Choot and with the cooperation of old and new actors alike, Moonlight, an extremely challenging stage production, was brought on stage to the audience. The […]


Moonlight, a Bittersweet Tale Based On a True Story Jessie Chung Goes All-Out and Receives Acclamation

Jessie Chung’s stage production Moonlight, an event that fundraises for cancer patients, debuted on Saturday night at the Symphony Theatre. For the sake of art, Jessie Chung went all out on stage with Li Zi Heng (portrayed by Marcus Choot), the one who loves her and Wang Jun Hao (portrayed by Tylor Chen), the one whom she loves; kissing scenes were quite prevalent, and Jessie’s character was slapped by her two lovers. During a hospital scene, she was brutally beaten […]


Chung’s record-breaking concert raises funds for cancer victims

KUCHING: Local celebrity Dr Jessie Chung’s efforts to raise funds for needy cancer patients resulted in five full houses in Chinese orchestral concert. The organiser is extending it to a Malaysian Record breaking 10 consecutive performances. The concert will be held at Symphony Music Hall in Kuala Lumpur at 7.30pm on April 30, June 18 and 19, and at Kenyalang Theatre here at 7pm on June 11. Several of the concerts were almost instantly sold out. Each concert had special […]


Dr Jessie Chung returns for debut concert

KUCHING: Dr Jessie Chung’s effort in striving to raise funds for needy cancer patients had succeeded following five full-housed Chinese orchestral concerts lately. Due to overwhelming support from the public, the organiser had decided to extend the charitable concert to 10 consecutive performances which broke the Malaysia Book of Records at the same time. To date, the first seven concerts were sold out almost instantly. Each concert has its special guests with different performances to ensure surprising entertainment values. Besides, […]


Jessie Chung signs with Beijing CTV Star Now a ‘junior’ of Eric Moo

Jessie Chung has signed a three-year contract with Beijing CTV Star this afternoon. She is expected to start progress in China after her concert next year. Prior to that, she will start recording her English EP in Australia next week. Jessie Chung has caught the attention of Beijing CTV Star Culture Development Co. Ltd and is officially the respective company’s artist. Her musical talent and a series of outstanding achievements have roused the interest of Beijing CTV Star; and after […]

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