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鍾潔希 英語歌曲 There You Are 官方高畫質 完整MV



Jessie Chung Rocks and Dances the Night Away Fans Jam-pack into Sunway Pyramid to Participate

After widespread enthusiastic response received by the There You Are Launching Show in Kuching, Jessie Chung didn’t wait and she immediately held the third launching show to see her fans at Sunway Pyramid. Jessie Chung’s new fashion based on her rock album concept attracted swarms of fans to see her. The atrium was bursting at the seams even before the event started. When Jessie Chung appeared on stage with shimmering blonde hair spilling down her back and a glossy, molasses-colored […]

Jessie Chung with Her Fans

Jessie Chung Meets Fans in Malaysia Fans Boil Over with Excitement

Immediately after completing the press conference for her new album There You Are, Jessie Chung could not wait to meet her fans with her new style at the fan meeting. The fan meeting was held at the Top Glove Tower auditorium, and the place was already packed before the event started. When the host saw the situation, he humorously said that every Malaysian artist would envy such a scene, because no matter how spacious the venue is, Jessie’s fans always […]

Jessie Chung English Album There You Are Press Conference in Malaysia

Jessie Chung’s Latest English Album There You Are Launched in Malaysia!

Dr Jessie Chung, a Malaysiam international singer, actress, and entrepreneur, launched her first English EP ‘There You Are’ recently. She has already taken on the Chinese market with great success.  Spreading her wings further, this EP will be Dr Jessie’s launch pad for entry into the English market.   Dr Jessie Chung’s EP will feature three songs “There You Are”, “Drive My Heart” and “Someplace Honest”. “I would like to dedicate this EP to both my father and my husband,” said […]


Jessie Chung’s Moonlight Highly Acclaimed Extends to 14 Showings

The curtains sweep open with Moonlight, Jessie Chung appears on stage and stuns the crowd with short, bouncy hair and an elegant winter dress! To raise funds for cancer patients, Jessie Chung continues to showcase her skills on stage after the 7th showing of her Exquisite Chinese Orchestra Concert. Under the guidance of director Brian Choot and with the cooperation of old and new actors alike, Moonlight, an extremely challenging stage production, was brought on stage to the audience. The […]


Moonlight, a Bittersweet Tale Based On a True Story Jessie Chung Goes All-Out and Receives Acclamation

Jessie Chung’s stage production Moonlight, an event that fundraises for cancer patients, debuted on Saturday night at the Symphony Theatre. For the sake of art, Jessie Chung went all out on stage with Li Zi Heng (portrayed by Marcus Choot), the one who loves her and Wang Jun Hao (portrayed by Tylor Chen), the one whom she loves; kissing scenes were quite prevalent, and Jessie’s character was slapped by her two lovers. During a hospital scene, she was brutally beaten […]